In November 2011, we started the line of automatic painting.
The line consists of four sections:

1. Preparing the surface
2. Details drying before painting
3. Wet electrostatic spray painting
4. Burning of paint.

Details transport between different sections is carried out by an automatic feeder wquipped with a trading system of details in the zone of surface preparation and painting.
In the line was applied Henkel’s patented process of surface preparating  before painting. The process is carried out in seven spray chambers using modern technology Nano-Ceramic, Tec-Talis.


The details painting process is based on the electrostatic paint application technology using the highly rotating disks/bells manufactured by Wagner. Thanks to electrostatic technology combined with high rotating technology of spray equipment we get great coverage of details surface and excellent paint adhesion to the substrate painted elements.Paining process takes place in paint chamber equipped with temperature and humidity control system and water wall absorbing unused paint leftover. The processes of surface preparation and painting guarantee achievement of coating with highly reproducible characteristics ofcorrosion resistance. Painting line is equipped with neutralization station of wastewater generated in the surface preparation process. Hangers are cleaned with paint in two-chamber ovenwhere the pyrolysis technology is applied. Hardened paint leftovers are burned at temperatures over 400 degrees Celsius, while generated in the process gases are recycled at temperature over 900 degrees Celsius, so that substances harmful to the environment do not get into atmosphere.