The task of laboratory is quality control of current production as well as performance of tests and measurements on behalf of R & D department. The laboratory also provides services to external companies. With well-drawn up staff, who are engineers and technicians with years of experience, and professional lab equipment we offer our clients top quality services.
Range of tests:

- Measurement of the length of the angle
- Measurement of roughness
- Measurement of the position deviation
- Measurements of the moments
- Diffusion layer thickness measurements
- Measurement of hardness (HRA / HRC / HV0, 1 / HV1)
- Corrosion resistance test
- Calibration and calibration of control and measurement
- Measurements of force and velocity of gas springs
- Measurements of strength of materials and products

Available resources and control equipment:

- SKP to measure the length and angle
- SKP to measure the roughness
- Dial gauges and inductive, prism, base
- Torque wrenches
- Research equipment
- Metallographic Microscopes
- hardness
- Salt chamber
- Climatic chamber
- Block gauges and instruments for calibration and calibration
- Testing machine specialized equipment for measuring strength and speed of the SG