FA Krosno offers two types of gas springs (gas struts) - with hydraulic and dynamic damping. The gas spring with dynamic damping slows down very smoothly what makes the flap or other lifted object to stop very gently. In case of hydraulic damping, gas springs slow down in more rapid manner, however equally efficiently. One of the most crucial differences between the two types of gas springs is the way of proper installation. Gas springs with dynamic damping can be installed in any position whereas gas springs with hydraulic damping, to make them work properly, should be installed with piston rod downwards. Both types have its own applications.

The damping type can be chosen according to customer's needs.


  • Possible installation for gas spring with dynamic damping.
  • Advised installation for gas springs with hydraulic damping.

Gas springs differ also with such parameters as: length, stroke, force, diameter of the cylinder, diameter of the piston rod. You can find all gas springs parameters available in FA Krosno offer in the table below.


Typ d D Lmax F1 min F1 max
06/15 6 15 500 60 350
08/19; 08/19D 8 19 700 100 600
10/20 10 22 1000 150 1000
14/28 14 28 1000 500 2000